From the first ancient horse tamers of the vast steppes, to the horse-mounted Genghis Kahn warriors, to the modern day struggles of the nomadic people, the iconic Mongolian horse and golden eagle have always been revered at the center of their culture and lifestyle. During six trips to Mongolia I have ridden horseback high in the Altai mountains, walked the dunes of the Gobi Desert, camped in the northern taiga forest and watched thousands of gazelles undulate through the rolling steppes of the eastern aimags.  I have watched wolves scamper at dawn and stood in awe at sunset as silhouettes of the ancient Takhi horses are skylined in the rolling hills of the Hustai biosphere. I have meditated with monks, had ceremonies with shamans, crossed frozen rivers and been ferried by barge and pole across raging torrents, and still, I feel that I want to know more about this place. As Mongolia sheds her layers and shares herself with me, I invite you to see her world as I do – unfolding her story little by little.

For more information on how you can join me on a Mongolian Photography Workshop, please see the Workshop & Events page.

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