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Sable Island Wild Horses - Arch
Sable Island Wild Horses - Journey's End
Sable Island Wild Horses - Light Contact
Sable Island Wild Horses - Platinum
Sable Island Wild Horses - Rock Star I
Sable Island Wild Horses - The Tempest
Sable Island Wild Horses - Untamed Mare and Foal

Sable Island

Select photos from my other site,

Playtime I
Queen of the Tundra
Siblings II
Tundra Twilight
Cubby Hole
Heads Up

Polar Bears

From the frozen North

Big Black
Black Bear's Breath
Black Bear Snorkling
Black Fishing
Favourite Log
Glowing Bear
Mama Bear
Mama Bear Sees Breath
Portrait II
Portrait Of Queen

The Great Bear Rainforest

On the Pacific coast of British Columbia

Antarctic Blues X
Chinstrap At Half Moon
Elephant Seal Pup
Nine Kings

Sub-Antarctic Islands

Animals and scenery just north of Antarctica

Be Dazzled
Kalahari Dazzle
Kalahari Flirt
Kalahari Stallions
Pitsi Ya Naga

Kalahari Zebra

Horses of a more exotic variety

Bear Spa
Bless This Earth
Buddha Bear
Cub Scout II
Cub Scout I
Evening Hunt
Family Time
Kodiak Kids I
Kodiak Kids II

Brown Bears (Grizzly)

In the Alaskan wilderness

Alberta wild horses - Ice Horse
Alberta wild horses - Blue Mountain Stud
Alberta wild horses - Winter Forest
Alberta wild horses - Burnt Timber Herd
Alberta wild horses - Jack Frost
Alberta wild horses - Learning to Fly
Alberta wild horses - The Challenger
Alberta wild horses - Wild Again
Alberta wild horses - About Face
Alberta wild horses - Spring Forest

Alberta Wild Horses

Local herds

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