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Spirit Bear Adventure

Spirit Bear on log

Day 4 For our last day we returned to the falls again. Much to my relief the weather had improved substantially, but it is a double-edged sword. Sunny skies above means mottled lighting below, a most difficult condition for shooting black and white bears. We find the Queen fishing at the falls, her cubs safely treed…

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Day 3

The forecast for drizzle today was right on the money. With the rain came strong wind, which made our crossing of the strait quite rough and Marvin warns us that it may not be safe to make a landing. It has happened before. He has thoughtfully brought along two other guides to assist if a…

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Resting bear

Day 2

Onboard the Gitga’at Spirit by 7am, our small group heads out across the bay for our second day of adventure. It is mostly overcast, and a soft pink hue trims the clouds as the sky begins to lighten. Riding with us today is a 3-person video crew working on an eco-film on the life cycle…

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Kermode Bear

Day 1

Bears: One of the most beautiful, mysterious and feared creatures on earth. Highly intelligent and curious, they command respect wherever they roam. The Kermode Bear, otherwise known as the Spirit Bear moves through the dark, dripping landscape of the Great Bear Rainforest with such elusive elegance, it does indeed seem like an apparition.   First…

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