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Polar Bears

Mother and cubs

February 28, 2016

I awake at 4am and try not to disturb my room mates.  There is no running water here, so a trip to the bathroom means pit toilets and putting some cold water in a bowl to freshen up and brush teeth.  I go back to bed and doze until finally at 6:30am the others stir…

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Arctic hare

February 27, 2016

7am flight from Winnipeg to Churchill, landed in Churchill to -41C.  I have all day to acclimatize before the Via Rail train leaves tonight for Chesnaye.  The town of Churchill is located just under the 59th parallel and sits just a few miles from the Nunavut border. The buildings here all look the same, covered…

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polar bears 2016

Polar Bears 2016

  Polar Bears are the largest land predator in the world. According to researchers their population will likely decline to half by 2020.  This is why they are the poster children for climate change.  There are 19 polar bear populations globally and 8 of them are in decline. Only one shows an increase, and the…

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