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Katmai Bears 2009

Devil’s Desk Panoramic

Post Script

Plans are already in the works for a late summer or early fall trip to Hallo Bay in 2010. Anyone that might be interested in this amazing experience to see the coastal brown bears and Katmai National Park should contact me.

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lost in the fog

Devil’s Advocate

Again the fog was so think it was like rain. The drip, drip of water from the trees on my tent did not inspire me to get dressed and check out the beach. But I did my usual early morning scan of animals and weather and it looked to be a slow day. We were…

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Cubs Holding Hands

Bear With Me

More fog! I checked the beach at 5:30am, then 7am and then went back to bed. By 9am it looked slightly less foggy so Kent and I headed out to find cubs. Another guide had taken over with the film crew so we were free to follow our own agenda. Predictably Melissa, Scrappy and Hope…

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Cub Scout


I had a sleepless night. My joints were aching, a sign that the weather was changing. Sure enough when dawn arrived the fog was so thick the condensation was like rain on my tent. I went out at 5am just to see if the wolf was there and check how socked in we were. There…

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Close Encounters Photo Credit David Bachrach

Close Encounters

It had been planned the day before that we should all try to find the wolf on the beach in the morning. I was up at 4am, dressed fed and geared up by 5am and down at the beach. No wolf appeared but the morning light on the Devil’s Desk was too good to pass…

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5 Bears Fishing

Gone Fishing

For the next few days the film crew from Koas Entertainment would be guided by Kent. They had taken over my old campsite (now dubbed Camp Koas) and I had moved to a camp slightly north. Everyone was interested in shooting bears fishing, and as the occasional sockeye was making its way back and forth,…

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Hallo Bay Sunset Panoramic

Making Tracks

I awoke at 4:30am ready for the day’s adventures. I stepped out of my tent and went to hop over the two strand electric fence when I realized that the top wire was now waist high. Obviously Kent had adjusted it after I retired for the night. A thought occurred to me about keeping clients…

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Hazy Sunrise

Cub Scouts

6am came early. As I lay in bed, I thought about a lecture I had heard from a female mountain climber talking about her summit attempt of Mount Everest. I remembered how she said she became quite adept at peeing in a bottle from the horizontal position in her sleeping bag, so that she did…

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Meet the Family

Meeting The Family

The morning dawned with a thick fog. I began with a hot cup of decaf and a bowl of spicy cardboard (aka reconstituted Huevos Rancheros) and waited for Kent to arrive with the day’s plan. Fog can be a double edged sword, you are either socked in for hours – even days, or you will…

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1958 Beaver

Return to Katmai

My alarm went off at 2:30am and that meant exactly two hours of sleep and time to head to the airport. Extreme thunder and lightning continued through the morning hours punctuating the sky and spotlighting the towering cumulus clouds above Calgary. Fortunately by the time my flight left at 6:30am the sky was calm and…

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