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Katmai Bears 2010

Post Script

Major kudos to ERA and Alaska Airlines.  We were flying ERA to Anchorage and then all on Air Canada back to our various destinations.  The staff at ERA went above and beyond the call of duty (and I believe the rules) to send our bags back on Alaska Airlines, whom we had not a single…

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sleepy bear

Day 11

This was scheduled to be our last day, but with the forecast very bleak it was uncertain whether planes could get in.  Nonetheless, Kent had us break camp right after breakfast and stack our gear on the beach.  The only thing left behind was the cook tent, which another guide had asked to use for…

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cub attacks

Day 10

The dreary early morning weather gradually cleared.  Dave, Daisy and I made our way out.  This had become the most comfortable arrangement, with Kent, George, Ken and Kerry following a different routine.  My group headed out towards the Middle River to look for Melissa and Scrappy for our last day of shooting.  As we hiked…

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Day 9

Halfway through the night the rain stopped but the wind increased.  I could hear the crashing of high waves against the berm and wondered how flood proof our camp area was.  The wind carried some warmth and surprisingly I had to take off a layer of clothing.  It was the warmest night so far.  At…

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bears on the beach

Day 8

It was another sleepless night.  The wind was howling so hard I was afraid the tent would not hold.  Above the noise of the wind was the loud ‘huffing’ of bears in the bush.  It was very disconcerting. The news in the morning was not good.  The mum with the injured cub was out on…

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Wolf on the beach

Day 7

5am raining.  6am drizzle.  7am BEAR CUB SCREAMING! The unmistakable sound of a bear cub in trouble persisted for several minutes.  I lay in my tent dreading the outcome until finally I had to find out what was happening. It sounded close, but sound travels so well across the flats I could not be sure. …

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Melissa Fishing

Day 6

It is a gorgeous morning.  Kent has decided to stay behind in case the plane comes in with supplies (we have run out of bread and toilet paper).  We headed out to the fishing area, but the salmon were not there and neither were the bears.   The saving grace was the sun was so warm…

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Incoming Weather

Day 5

It was a grey morning and a slow start.  With Daisy’s encouragement (‘bad shots are better than none’), the whole group started out for a morning shoot.  Kent reluctantly brought up the rear and I took point as per usual.  20 minutes into the hike I stopped for a brief break and to let the…

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Sundogs over Ninagiak Island

Day 4

I awoke at 3am and peeked outside: STARS! There was hope for a clear morning.  I went to the cook tent at 5am and began to lay out breakfast and coffee. Hopeful for some good light, we ate quickly and prepared our gear. Soon the sky began to turn pink in the east.  Some unusual…

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Day 3

The weather was fogging in and it looked like a day to stay in, but Daisy came to my tent and we discussed that it could be an opportunity to learn more about shooting in difficult lighting.  No one wanted to be left behind so we all trudged off into the fog.  Kent followed some…

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