Travel back with me and discover the stories behind the photographs on this site, as I recount a few of my adventures! The posts on this site mostly chronicle my North American travels, as I photograph the various bear species on this continent. For my excursions out to see the wild horses of Sable Island, please check out my other site at

Polar Bears

polar bears 2016

Polar Bears 2016

  Polar Bears are the largest land predator in the world. According to researchers their population will likely decline to half by 2020.  This is…

Arctic hare

February 27, 2016

7am flight from Winnipeg to Churchill, landed in Churchill to -41C.  I have all day to acclimatize before the Via Rail train leaves tonight for…

Mother and cubs

February 28, 2016

I awake at 4am and try not to disturb my room mates.  There is no running water here, so a trip to the bathroom means…

Spirit Bear Adventure

Kermode Bear

Day 1

Bears: One of the most beautiful, mysterious and feared creatures on earth. Highly intelligent and curious, they command respect wherever they roam. The Kermode Bear,…

Resting bear

Day 2

Onboard the Gitga’at Spirit by 7am, our small group heads out across the bay for our second day of adventure. It is mostly overcast, and…


Day 3

The forecast for drizzle today was right on the money. With the rain came strong wind, which made our crossing of the strait quite rough…

Katmai Bears 2010

Hallo Bay Sunrise

Katmai 2010: Of Wolves & Bears

Camping in the Alaskan wilderness is always a challenge, both mentally and physically. Last year (2009) in Katmai I was blessed with great light almost…

Katmai Coast

Day 1

I had assembled 5 people to take the trip including friend and mentor Daisy Gilardini and her husband, artist David McEown .  We all met…

Daisy and cubs

Day 2

I checked for the light at 5am, too cloudy – back to bed.  Later a leisurely breakfast took us to mid-morning and the group wanted…

Katmai Bears 2009

Hallo Bay Fishing

Strange Addiction

There are times when I ask myself “why?” with all the beauty that abounds close to home, that I feel compelled to wander far afield.…

1958 Beaver

Return to Katmai

My alarm went off at 2:30am and that meant exactly two hours of sleep and time to head to the airport. Extreme thunder and lightning…

Meet the Family

Meeting The Family

The morning dawned with a thick fog. I began with a hot cup of decaf and a bowl of spicy cardboard (aka reconstituted Huevos Rancheros)…

Alaska and Yukon

Dease Lake

July 31, 2008

True North to Alaska… the journey begins! We are on our way, beginning a one month road trip to Northern BC, Yukon and Alaska. We…

Teslin Bridge

August 3, 2008

We are now in Whitehorse at an internet cafe, and I am hurriedly pulling photos off my flash cards and uploading them basically ‘as is’.…

Kluane Lake

August 4, 2008

Yesterday was a long drive through muskeg, black spruce and lake areas bordering Kluane National Park. From Haines Junction to Tok on the Alaska Highway…

Streets of Longview

The Streets of Longview Project

The Streets of Longview & Beyond project was born out of my long-time appreciation for the village of Longview and its surrounding area. After moving…


The Garside Wilson Gallery

Welcome to the Garside Wilson Gallery.  Debra Garside and Donna Wilson have teamed up once again, this time with a permanent location in the wonderful…

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