Alberta Wild Horse

2020 Alberta Wild Horse Photography Workshops

Workshops start at $799 CAD. These include 2 nights stay at a Sundre motel or back country cabin, and 3 days of shooting. If you have a small group that would like to form a workshop I am always open to adding dates or guiding for individuals. If you interested in a winter workshop I am happy to accommodate one or two day shoots. Spring 2020 dates are May 11-13 and June 9-11, this is prime time for seeing new foals. In 2019 I witnessed and videoed a foal birth! Maximum 5 participants.

Depending on the weather and light we do a 3-hour morning shoot, a 3 hour afternoon/evening shoot and classroom activities mid-day. We generally see between 50 and 100 horses per day, but the emphasis is on getting quality shots with nice backgrounds. Please email me for availability at

“Frosted” autumn snow storm in the Panther River area.
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