Mongolia Photography Adventures 2019

Join Debra as she photographs Mongolia’s vast, breathtaking landscapes, tracks down Appaloosa horses in the vast steppes, live in the Ger tents of the nomads as they have for over a thousand years, and hear the cry of a soaring golden eagle during our photography sessions with Eagle hunters as they perform the ancient art of eagle falconry on horseback. Then enter the world of the Buddhist Monks and enjoy private photo sessions within monastery temples.

Together you will also journey the Gobi desert and spend time with Bactrian camel herders and horse herders in some of the longest-stretching sand dunes in the world. Top it off with one of the only species brought back from extinction in the wild, the Przewalski’s horse and you will see we have created a recipe for a thrilling workshop in one of the most inviting and beautiful countries in the world, Mongolia.

Mongolia Winter Photography Adventure with Eagle Hunters and Przewalski Horses February 10-20 2019 (SOLD OUT).

Mongolia Photo Adventure – Search for the Appaloosa Horses September 2019 (exact dates available soon).

Eagle Huntress
Eagle Huntress
Gobi Desert herder with spotted Mongolian horse
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