Halfway through the night the rain stopped but the wind increased.  I could hear the crashing of high waves against the berm and wondered how flood proof our camp area was.  The wind carried some warmth and surprisingly I had to take off a layer of clothing.  It was the warmest night so far.  At 5am and 6am I checked outside.  A small crack of broken clouds to the east offered a little hope for the day.  As I stepped out of the camp, coffee in hand, a white wolf appeared along the trail sniffing around the camp sight.  We stared at each other for a few seconds then she took off.  I continued down to the beach and saw the angry dark green ocean imitating the fast moving clouds above.  A blond bear was sleeping up on Bear View Bluff and three eagles were soaring, motionless on the strong wind.


Deb reading “Zen & the art of Motorcycle Maintenance”

The rain is back, the planes are not getting in and any hopes for shooting were dashed.   Time spent in the tent, reflecting, downloading, and wasting precious battery by trying to review images to see if there were any stellar ones.  I keep looking up at my bear shaped ‘safe passage’ stone hanging from a string in my tent.  I went for quick stretch and walk on north beach and found the bear that had lost her cub.  Her remaining cub seemed to be healthy.  For the first time ever in Hallo Bay I took not a single shot.

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