bears on the beach

Day 8

It was another sleepless night.  The wind was howling so hard I was afraid the tent would not hold.  Above the noise of the wind was the loud ‘huffing’ of bears in the bush.  It was very disconcerting. The news in the morning was not good.  The mum with the injured cub was out on the flats with only one.  The other had not made it through the night.


Melissa & Scrappy



Buddha Bear

Thank goodness for Melissa and Scrappy!  We found them on the flats nursing and dozing in the intermittent sun and enjoyed watching the wonderful interaction between them.  Soon the weather turned again and we walked back to camp in the pouring rain.  The weather report said a front was moving in that could last 3 more days.

10pm:  Its been raining and blowing so hard it is deafening in the tent and I have packed my bags in case we need to evacuate and shoved them against the tent walls so they do not buffet against me.  I have put earplugs in and will try to get some sleep, praying for no leaks.


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