Melissa Fishing

Day 6

It is a gorgeous morning.  Kent has decided to stay behind in case the plane comes in with supplies (we have run out of bread and toilet paper).  We headed out to the fishing area, but the salmon were not there and neither were the bears.   The saving grace was the sun was so warm that we decided to have a nap on the beach and just hang out watching the fish jump and the seals bob up and down in the waves. The group is upset that Kent is not with us and it feels like the whole trip has become about that.  After much discussion we have decided to split into 2 groups.  Daisy, Dave and I are going to stick together and do our own thing.  The other guys are going to force Kent into action.


Melissa & Scrappy: Naptime


Ken & Kerry: Naptime


Chinook: Naptime

I am not sure what was said, but finally Kent agrees to take the whole group out to the fishing grounds. The light is low but there is lots of activity and for the moment the tension is disbursed.  Melissa is in fine form, catching fish continuously.  She brings one over to us and proudly walks passed our group within a few feet, before giving her cub a few tenacious mouthfuls of salmon.  The night ended on a positive note.


Melissa: the consumate fish catcher!


Sharing with her cub.

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