I checked for the light at 5am, too cloudy – back to bed.  Later a leisurely breakfast took us to mid-morning and the group wanted to head out even though the light was poor.  Kent sent me out again as he had more camp duties to finish up including the electric perimeter fence.  I sensed this did not sit well with the group but this was our guide’s decision.  I knew it would not be very productive to go out at mid-morning as the bears typically sleep through mid-day.  I was good exercise however and we were able to find a new bear with spring cubs.  She was too shy to allow us in range for good shots.  Luckily we found Daisy again and watched her nurse her gorgeous babies.  Tired and with only poor light we headed back to camp for lunch and a p.m. nap.





Returning to camp we discovered that Kent had done no more work on the camp site.  The solar panel was not set up and neither was the fence.  It looks like he spent the morning relaxing and visiting with a young camper Jonathon whom Kent had promised would be our dishwasher and water fetcher in exchange for some shared meals.  I was getting concerned.  When it came time for the afternoon excursion it was clear that Kent intended not to go.  I took him aside and insisted that he participate, which he finally agreed to do.  With a few moments of good light to work with we managed to get some shots of the bears fishing out on the tidal flats and the group seemed satisfied.  My concerns continued to grow as Kent did not step up to organize any meals.  It appears we were on our own, so I took the reins and began to set up the meals as would become the routine.



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