sleepy bear

Day 11

This was scheduled to be our last day, but with the forecast very bleak it was uncertain whether planes could get in.  Nonetheless, Kent had us break camp right after breakfast and stack our gear on the beach.  The only thing left behind was the cook tent, which another guide had asked to use for his incoming group.  Everything else lay on the beach covered with tarps to protect it from the rain.  The earliest possible arrival of Homer Air would be 11am.  We sat round in the drizzle, dejected that this was the end of our journey.  Hours passed and no plane arrived.  We asked Kent to contact the airlines to see what was happening, but he said we should be more patient, after all this is Alaska and you can’t control it. We busied ourselves for several hours more wandering the beach, exploring for fossils in the cliffs.


Team Nikon: Back at Camp


Crossfox on log with Deb. Photo David McEown

It was cold and drizzly and we were all miserable.  I sat on a log gazing out into the place where the bear had lost her cub.  At that moment a cross-fox (arctic x red) trotted up the beach and sat on the log next to me.

I had no camera and had always wanted a shot of these lovely, unique creatures.  However, I was content to accept the goodbye gift of sharing a few moments with her as she paused in her hunting excursion. Dave happened around the corner with his pocket camera and captured the moment.


If you look closely you can see the crossfox sitting next to me!

It was late afternoon by the time the plane arrived.  Yes, only one. There was no question how this was going to work, as we were all pretty frustrated by that time; passengers and camera gear first.  We threw on some of the camping gear that was small enough to fit in the belly of the plane, and Dave, Daisy, George, Ken and Kerry and I got in the plane with our gear.  The second plane was in repair and the only hope for Kent and the rest of our luggage and gear was for this plane to return before night.  Unfortunately that did not happen and Kent was left behind to haul the stuff back to camp and sleep in the cook tent.

We arrived back in Homer and they informed us that Kent and the bags would probably be flown out the next day and we would have to make arrangements for the bags to follow us back to Canada.  We boarded our ERA flight back to Anchorage with only our camera gear and great images.  In Anchorage we went our separate ways but with many common memories.


Parting Shots

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