February 29, 2016

My gear has fully recovered except for my 24-70mm lens which is foggy. I only have a tiny bit of frost bite on the end of my nose. Others are much worse off including my roommate whose big lens is toast. Low temperatures, fog, flurries and low visibility have us lodge-bound on an hour to hour basis. We pass the time writing, working on images, and reading. The hours roll by and after lunch it is announced that the day is too bleak to venture out. I am relieved! I make some new friends in the lodge and find myself exchanging grizzly bear stories with Tinman Lee (winner of the Nature’s Best Photographer of the Year Grand Prize for his grizzly bear shot) and Buck Wilde (Great Bear Stakeout). My stories and accomplishments pale by comparison, but many laughs later, connections are made for future possibilities.

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