Streets of Longview

The Streets of Longview Project

The Streets of Longview & Beyond project was born out of my long-time appreciation for the village of Longview and its surrounding area. After moving to Longview just over a year ago I began to explore the local area with my camera – sometimes shooting from my bedroom window, sometimes wandering the back alleys or driving the back roads. Friendships developed and doors gradually opened as the community began to embrace the project. The “Beyond” aspect evolved as the role of rural culture and historic ranches became a large part of the story.

The more I explored this unique place, the more I discovered the rich depths of its character and history. It became evident in the course of the few months of shooting the exhibit that I would only scratch the surface of what this region and its people had to offer. Thousands of photographs later, it was exceedingly difficult to choose the twenty-five images that would make up the show. I hope that this will be just the first instalment of a series that will evolve into an annual event so that I may keep on discovering and bringing to the viewer, the many hidden gems of the village of Longview and beyond.


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