Day 10 Sunrise

Sable Island Expedition – June 27, 2012

Day 10: I awoke to the brilliant amber light of sunrise coming through my window. Time for one quick excursion before the plane arrives. I hiked the north side ridge and surveyed the incredible panorama in front of me. In the distance I spotted the lone stallion from the first day and went to him. His knee was recovering nicely. He was able to travel quite easily now and I felt reassured that someday soon he would regain his band.

I waited out on the sandy plains for the pilot to land her Briton-Norman Islander on the beach. Her incoming cargo was Zoe Lucas, Gerry Forbes and all their supplies for the summer. Zoe explained that she had been much involved in meetings with Parks Canada, and that the transition towards their stewardship of the island was going very well. I was disappointed that Zoe was not here during my stay, but on the other hand, for just a little while, I imagined myself to be the Sable horses’ only companion.


*PS: a month after my trip I was exhibiting my work at Spruce Meadows when a tall, grey-haired gentlemen paid me a visit. Jim turned out to be the last keeper of the old east light and caretaker of over 80 domesticated Sable Island horses in the 1950’s. I think we have a few stories to catch up on!

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