Sable Island Expedition – June 24, 2012

Day 7: In the morning I arose with every muscle in my body screaming from the cumulative miles of carrying heavy gear. It was a good day to stay close to home base. The storm has left a great deal of flooding out on the plains and the ever-present fog suggests opportunity for some moody landscapes. I donned my hip waders and went for a walk on the vast south beach, determined not to lose my bearings. As I wandered around tide pools I was rewarded with beautiful and exotic shapes and forms in the sand.

The afternoon was dedicated to some macro shooting and enjoying some of the smaller wonders underfoot. One of the fascinations of Sable Island is the diversity of vegetation including six species or orchids. I also took the time to make some videos which I had hoped to do more of, but realized that my priority had to be with the still shots.

The evening brought clearing skies and I decided to walk down to the west light research cabin and visit the group of seal biologists that had recently arrived. Among them was my friend and colleague Damian Lidgard who is also an author and photographer. The group invited me for dinner and we had a wonderful evening exchanging adventure stories and compared our notes on all things Sable. I am envious of this group that spends several months of the year on the island. Later, I walked back to main station enjoying the pure darkness and the incredibly bright stars. Far on the distant horizon the lights of the Exxon Mobile drilling platform also sparkled, a reminder of other Atlantic activities nearby.


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