Sable Island Expedition – June 22, 2012

Day 5: The fog was so thick this morning that shooting was really impossible. However, that could change quickly, so I headed towards one of my favourite spots – Bald dune and the old No. 3 Station. The landscape is eerie and stark, even more so in the mist. For now I decided that it was safest to stick to the ponds and shoreline rather than risk getting lost inland between the dunes. The only remnants of a settlement here are the old telegraph poles. It was here that I found an old whale skull with a young grey seal resting nearby.

One of my goals for this trip had been to capture more action shots. As I set out on my afternoon hike I was pleased to see there lots of horses around and they were very active. It proved to be a great time of year to be here – lots of babies, lots of stallion behaviour and horses on the beach all the time. I had to really be on my toes… the horses would be standing peacefully or walking quietly along and then all of a sudden would take off at a full gallop. What a wonderful opportunity to depict a typical Sable island morning – fog, surf and horses galloping on the beach!

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