Sable Island Expedition – June 21, 2012

Day4aPlatinum2Day4bMaresFeetDay 4: After yesterday’s shoot with the bachelors on the beach in perfect light, I had to force myself to get out first thing into the fog again. I decided to try for better shots of ‘Platinum’ and I headed west, soon to find him just east of the station.  I was again impressed with this young stallion. He really had what we call ‘presence’ in the show horse world.  He exemplified youth and strength and apparently rugged life on the island had not yet taken its toll.  He was vibrant in his coat and his mane was extraordinary.  Now that I was able to observe him more, I was sure he was the son of Flaxen.  Yes, they had the same mannerisms and shyness.  His only mare, a dark brown, had a sorrel foal that looked like him.  Interestingly her feet were some of the worst I had seen on Sable. They curled right up and it was amazing that she moved around so easily and did not appear lame.


Day4cArchThe morning sun started to come through and sparkle on the ponds.  I noticed the irises were in full bloom.  It would have been such an idyllic scene if not for the constant and abrasive screech of the Arctic Terns.  They were nesting by the thousands near the main station and were very protective of their sites.  The terns were not well-liked by the island staff or visitors because of their propensity for diving at people’s heads and pooping on them regularly.  The only real fans the terns had were the ornithologists, a group of six researchers currently working on the island.  They referred to themselves as the ‘bird nerds’.  One of the girls showed me how they made little bird harnesses out of fishing line, in order to attach transmitters to the Ipswich Sparrow.


Day4CondorThis afternoon the fog returned.  That is ok though, with soft light I can focus on getting some good portraits and today the fog will be my friend.  It provided a wonderful soft white background creating a sense of space around my subjects.


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