Sable Island Expedition – June 20, 2012

Day3Stallions2 Day3Stallions1

Day 3: First alarm = fog.  Second alarm = fog. I checked the weather radar report and it looked like an opening in the fog around 8am.  I headed out and picked up a small band of bachelor stallions west of base and followed them along the ponds and out towards the south beach. What followed was one of those rare moments in photography (or life) where everything seems to line up the right way and something really amazing happens…  The stallions went out on the beach, where the tide was up and big waves were crashing in.  They were searching for small chunks of peat that had washed up on the shoreline.  Apparently a delicacy! The four boys started sharing their ‘mineral lick’ but this quickly turned into proprietary behaviour over who should get the most.   The morning sun burst through the haze just as two of the stallions started to perform. I switched from video to still camera and began to shoot.    Day3WaveThe bay and black stallions were rearing, striking and spinning down the beach, kicked up sand as they went. At one point they engaged in such boisterous knee-biting that they both ended up with their legs folded underneath almost laying in the sand.  They carried on this behaviour down the beach to where the grey seals were hauled out.  As quickly as it started, the action stopped and they quietly walked away.   The fog rolled back in as if the curtain had just come down on a wonderful act. I sat down on a piece of driftwood and poured some tea from my thermos.  My hands were shaking as I scrolled through my shots, praying for sharp images. Yes!!


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