Sable Island Expedition – June 19, 2012

Day 2: 4:30am comes much too early, but I know that I must press forward when the weather permits.  No part of a sunrise today, 98% humidity and more greyness. Just east of main station I see a small group and begin to approach.  The band stallion comes to meet me and I am thrilled to see this new young stallion. Caramel in colour with platinum mane and tail, I have to wonder if he is a son of “Flaxen”.


Continuing south, it seemed that for an instant the sun would appear but it struggled and gave up.  I spied two horses far, far out on the sand plains, past the landing zone.  It was miles away but worth the effort, if I could get there before the horses took off.  About half way across the plains, the two boys spotted me and after a flurry of activity they decided to come and check me out.  The came trotting right up, a matching pair of black stallions, and as soon as they realized I was human, not horse, they took off at a full gallop in tandem across the plains.  Shooting at 2000 ISO I have just enough light to shoot the action.  Then, within minutes the fog and wind pick up and I make the decision to return to base. The fog coats everything in a wet layer of salt and sand.  Ahhh, the joys of Sable Island!

The afternoon shoot was exhausting.  After three hours of hiking in deep sand I had not seen a single horse.  This has never happened before.  I am concerned and wondering if it has something to do with the ponds being low, or perhaps they had a difficult winter.  Finally I found one of the families from this morning and was able to catch them in a moment of action.


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