September 7, 2008



news82After more than a month of travel in wild places, it was quite an adjustment getting home and straight back into a five day horse show at Spruce Meadows. Tim and I proved to be quite a good team on the road, which actually seemed much easier than our routine at home, and other than Harley’s porcupine incident all had gone well with Andrea and the horses.


Some parting thoughts as I end this story…. the unforgettable bears were the highlight of the trip for me and they will undoubtedly earn a large space on the wall of my next exhibit, as well as a bear-sized space in my heart. I will return to photograph the Katmai Bears, that is a certainty. For now we are waiting for the fall colours to catch up here in southern Alberta, for the larches to turn gold, and the first snow fall to dust the eastern slopes. Kananaskis, Banff and Jasper for me still remain some of the most beautiful places on the planet and I feel fortunate to live so near. But, the simplicity of life on the road, the smell of a campfire and the peaceful sleeps in our little roof-top tent are enticing me already to plan the next journey. December in Atlin perhaps? I will keep you posted….!


Addendum: Not long after our road trip Tim and I made the decision to part company. Tim has returned to Victoria to continue his artistic pursuits and I have moved to a little acreage just south of Turner Valley. Tim and I continue to be friends, but our journeys have taken us on different paths.

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