August 29-30, 2008


news71We spent the next two days testing the FJ’s off-road capabilities, exploring the old abandoned mining roads, crossing creeks and tundra-climbing around Steamboat and Vaughn Mountains. The fall colours were just beginning to turn, and the few caribou that ranged here challenged the scope of my 300mm lens. The weather was erratic as we faced cloud, fog, rain and snow all within hours. Unlike most areas where old roads are closed off and inaccessible by vehicle, here there were miles and miles of abandoned mining roads to venture along and in two days we only saw one other vehicle. news72Vowing to return again soon, we took our leave of the mountains and headed back to the cabin for our last night and dinner with our new friends. It is with a heavy heart that we depart from Atlin and I am not sure if it is because of the magnetic appeal of this place and its characters, or a reluctance to end the trip and head back to our daily routines. Perhaps a little of both.

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