August 23, 2008

news58As we proceed south back to Tombstone Territorial park we were disappointed but not surprised to find that some of the better hiking trails and campsites had been closed due to the amount of bear activity. However, the clouds at least had lifted enough that we were able to see the peaks of Mount Tombstone and Mount Monolith in the distance. Since the trails up the North Klondike river were closed, we hiked up Mount Goldensides on the east side of the Dempster and were treated to spectacular 360 degree views. The side of this mountain was home to several pikas and marmots and as we descended the mountain I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous hoary marmot pose for me. We camped that night at Tombstone, but the next day brought rain and snow, so we took to the road again – south on the Dempster and then the Klondike Highway. The rain got heavier and continued most of the way to Whitehorse where we arrived late and decided to get a hotel to catch up on some sleep and emails.news54


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