August 17, 2008

We arrived in Dawson City and the weather finally broke so we took the opportunity to spend a few hours restocking our groceries and again drying out our gear. We cruised around this strange little town which seems to struggle in its attempt to appear as it did in the Gold Rush Days. We then started our journey up the Dempster Highway, first stop: Tombstone Territorial Park. news44Tombstone is said to the the ‘Patagonia of the North’ with granitic mountains similar to that of the Mount Fitzroy Range. When we reached this area of the park it quickly becoming engulfed in an evening fog, so we took a few photos and decided to camp overnight and hope for better views. The only thing we were rewarded with in the early morning was more fog and the strange voices of a flock of willow ptarmigan whose constant conversation right next to the tent was an eerie way to spend our last few hours of sleep. The fog lifted slightly but, for now we would have to be content with seeing the smaller mountains near the highway which were an explosion of fall colour. A tapestry of red, orange and yellow, sewn everywhere with riverlets, this area was very scenic in a panoramic way, but lacked any really stunning peaks or formations. We decided to continue north in hope of better light.


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